Choosing the Right Kayak for Your Paddling Goals

Friday, 4:30 p.m. 

Choosing the Right Kayak for Your Paddling Goals – Greg Whittaker, Mountain to Sound Outfitters and Alki Kayak Tours

Paddling is a lifelong sport whether you pick it up when you’re seven or seventy-seven, and choosing your first kayak is an exciting decision! We are always thrilled when we get people in the earlier realm of that spectrum, but we help a ton of folks get into their sport after they have finished their working career and are looking for easy and affordable ways to spend the day on the water.

Bio: Greg is owner of Alki Kayak Tours and Mountain to Sound Outfitters. He began guiding sea kayak tours in ’99 in the San Juan Islands, and founded Alki Kayak Tours in 2005 to help Puget Sound residents and visitors explore our waterways.  Greg is an ACA kayak instructor and a WSUPA SUP instructor, who is passionate about getting people out on their own paddle craft to discover the amazing areas Washington has to offer.   Greg founded Mountain to Sound Outfitters in 2009 as a regional paddlesports and snow sports specialty shop.

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