10:00 AM Saturday, Bathhouse

Tides and Currents

Andree Hurley, an ACA Instructor, Trainer, Educator

Description: Learn what causes the tides to rise and fall and how currents are created. Why does it matter to you and how will they affect your paddling plans? See examples from Deception Pass and the west side of San Juan Island.

Bio: Andrée Hurley has taught sea kayaking since 1985, and has led or been on kayaking trips in various countries such as Baja, Mexico, Belize, Chile, Bolivia and Hong Kong. She is an instructor trainer with the American Canoe Association. She is also the recent past president of Washington Water Trails, and has been on the board of the Washington Kayak Club.

1:00PM Saturday, North end of the Bathhouse 

Surfski Paddling: How to go faster, further, and have more fun!

Greg Barton, Epic Kayak & Paddles

Description: The surfski is the fastest, more exciting paddle craft on the water. Discover why these versatile kayaks are gaining popularity worldwide. Surfskis are fun to paddle on calm water as well as the open ocean. It’s a great way to get fit while having more fun on the water! Sufskis are very fast, very safe (sit-on-top and self-bailing) Lightweight, and incredibly maneuverable with a foot-operated rudder. Learn about the new models available for novices and elite racers, and get some pointers on technique from an Olympic champion!

Bio: Greg Barton is a multiple World Paddling Champion and won 4 Olympic medals in kayaking at 3 Olympic Games for the USA. A resident of Seattle, Greg founded Epic Kayaks & Paddles in 1997. As an Olympic gold medalist with an engineering degree, he combines the perfect blend of talents for introducing the recreational and fitness paddling community to the joy of paddling high performance kayaks. Greg’s boat and paddle designs have been extremely influential in the industry, and in many cases have been groundbreaking. He is relentless in his pursuit of innovative design and construction methods, and his paddling technique and training theories are studied as kayak gospel by many.

11:00 AM Saturday, Seattle Adventure Sports Display

Edible Plant Tour

Come take a walking tour of the park and learn and sample different plants to eat.


11:00 AM Saturday, Bathhouse

Meet Your Washington State Parks and Recreation Boating Team!

Description: Recreational boating season is upon us and boy oh boy are we ready for some sun! We are excited to report that the participation in paddlesports is on the rise, with more Washingtonians getting out and enjoying Washington waterways. Here at Parks and Recreation we are committed to better understand how to serve this growing user group. The Recreational Boating Safety Program is working to better quantify and promote the benefits of paddlesports while responding to the impacts. We’d like to share what we’re seeing in Paddlesport trends, as well as discuss what the Boating Program is working on for the coming year. Come and find out what your State Parks Boating Department is up to!

11:30 AM Saturday, Seminar Tent

Cold Water Safety

Mike Brough, Auxiliary Coast Guard

Description: All boaters need to be aware of the potential danger if they accidentally fall into cold water. Even experienced boaters and good swimmers can be caught off guard if they suddenly find themselves immersed in the water. Learn how to prepare for and cope with cold water conditions.

Bio: Mike Brough or “Captain Mike” as he’s know in the around world ( has spent his life as a power boater, sail boater, and recently a kayaker. Over the past 20 year he’s been a member of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary where he’s become one of the most experienced boating safety instructors in the Division.  Mike is also US Coast Guard Auxiliary Boat Crew Qualified and is also a Boat Crew instructor.  He has taught for the Naval Reserve, Law Enforcement, as well as numerous sailing and Mountaineering clubs.

12:00 PM Saturday, Bathhouse

Journal Sketching Your Paddling Adventure

Dave Somers, Retired National Park Service employee

Description: Learn about keeping a journal of your kayak and other outdoor adventures using sketches and watercolor by themselves or combined with your words.  Simple techniques and tools make this easy to do even for a confirmed non artist.  And the simple act of keeping a journal sketchbook can often help you remember your trips much better over the years than gigabytes of digital photos that never get looked at.   Check out the possibilities and simple ways of keeping your own journal sketchbook. 

Bio: Dave Somers is a retired National Park Service employee and avid kayaker living in West Seattle.  He began journal sketching not long ago and spends a lot of time with the Seattle Urban Sketchers, documenting our experiences around Seattle and King County just for the joy of it.

12:00 PM Saturday, Seminar Tent

Tips for Car Topping your Kayak

Ned Kelly, Rack N Road

Description RackNRoad will present the easiest and most secure way to load and tie down all lengths and sizes of kayaks, surfskis, canoes and paddle boards. Types of saddles will include ‘J’ style saddles as wells as the ‘belly down’ style more suited for longer Sea Kayaks and SUPs. The clinic will include tips and tricks to help you safely and securely and more easily load and strap your craft

Bio Chris Lewis, long-time sales and installation expert at RacknRoad will walk you through the challenges of securing your boat or board to your vehicle. Having many years of multi sport event production, he brings years of experience in all things paddle and is also an avid kayaker. ”

12:30 PM Saturday, Seattle Adventure Sports Display

Freeze dried no more! Dutch Oven Cooking

John LaMunyon, Seattle Adventure Sports

Description: Seattle Adventure Sports presents a demonstration (with samples) of foods which can easily be prepared while in the backcountry.  The presentation will include safe transportation of fresh foods, including meats; food preparation and sanitation; safe use of a fire pan; management of a cooking fire; techniques for safely frying, baking, etc.; and SAMPLES!!!

Bio: John LaMunyon is a volunteer with Seattle Adventure Sports.  John has been cooking in the backcountry ever since the donut days of Boy Scouts and brings a broad range of successes, humorous (not at the time) debacles, and more.

1:00 PM Saturday, Bathhouse

Dressing for Paddle Sports

Karl Kohagen

Description: A close look at fabrics, designs, and features of various clothing systems, comparison of wet suits vs. dry suits, coated nylon vs. waterproof breathables, one-piece vs. two-piece suits, and more.

Bio: Karl has been kayaking since 1985, has been an ACA certified coastal kayaking instructor, actively involved in the development and testing of paddling garments and is the northwest rep for Kokatat water sports apparel.

1:30 PM Saturday, Seminar Tent

Choosing the Right Kayak for Your Paddling Goals

Greg Whittaker, Mountain to Sound Outfitters and Alki Kayak Tours

Description: Paddling is a lifelong sport whether you pick it up when you’re seven or seventy-seven, and choosing your first kayak is an exciting decision! We are always thrilled when we get people in the earlier realm of that spectrum, but we help a ton of folks get into their sport after they have finished their working career and are looking for easy and affordable ways to spend the day on the water.

Bio: Greg is owner of Alki Kayak Tours and Mountain to Sound Outfitters. He began guiding sea kayak tours in ’99 in the San Juan Islands, and founded Alki Kayak Tours in 2005 to help Puget Sound residents and visitors explore our waterways.  Greg is an ACA kayak instructor and a WSUPA SUP instructor, who is passionate about getting people out on their own paddle craft to discover the amazing areas Washington has to offer.

 1:30 PM Saturday, TBD Location

Sea Kayak Camping in BEAR country

Bill Porter,

Description:  Join us for an interactive demonstration of a mock 10-day paddling trip to the remote region of British Columbia’s west coast.  Learn how to load/unload your boat and set up camp. Our sea kayakers will demonstrate camping gear such as air mattresses, camping stoves, water filtration systems, medical kits, communication devices and more. Learn how to stay dry and comfortable, how to deal with bugs, and how to bear proof your multi-day food supply.

Bio: Experienced paddlers and members of the Washington Kayak Club and North Sound Sea Kayaking Association.

2:00 PM Saturday, Bathhouse

Cascadia Marine Trail – Paddler’s Paradise

Don Crook – Washington Water Trails Association (WWTA)

Description:  WWTA presents an overview of the Northwest’s premier National Recreation Trail stretching from South Puget Sound to the Candian border. Born in 1993 it has continued to grow as an environmentally-friendly water trail for non-motorized boats – beachable sailboats, canoes, rowboats, SUP’s, kayaks, inflatables, etc.. The Cascadia Mrine Trail offers many recreation opportunities: Urban to Wilderness, Day Tripping or Camping, Long to Short Haul – there is something for everyone.

Bio:  Don has been a WWTA Board Member/Officer and Trails & Public Access Committee Chair since 2007 and an annual paddler of CMT trail sites.

2:30 PM Saturday, Seminar Tent

When the lifejacket fits . . .  wear it!

Matthew Kirchner, US Coast Guard Auxiliary

Description: Wearing a PFD (Personal Flotation Devise) while paddling can save your life. Ensuring your life jacket fits proper will keep you comfortable and more likely to keep it on. Learn about the different PFD categories, buoyancy ratings, and proper fit. Find the right size and practice adjusting your PFD to fit comfortably and securely.  Families with children encouraged to come WITH their child’s life jacket to ensure it’s the proper size and fit.

Bio: Matthew Kirchner has been a member of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary for over 6 years.  In that time he has held several positions including most recently Flotilla Commander of Flotilla 21.  Matthew is also a certified Instructor and Vessel Examiner with the US Coast Guard Auxiliary.

3:00 PM Saturday, Seattle Adventure Sports Display

LET THEM EAT DESSERT: Dutch Oven Cooking, pt. 2, at Seattle Adventure Sports Display

John LaMunyon, Seattle Adventure Sports

Description: Seattle Adventure Sports presents a demonstration (with samples) of foods which can easily be prepared while in the backcountry.  The presentation will include safe transportation of fresh foods, including meats; food preparation and sanitation; safe use of a fire pan; management of a cooking fire; techniques for safely frying, baking, etc.; and SAMPLES!!!

Bio: John LaMunyon is a volunteer with Seattle Adventure Sports.  John has been cooking in the backcountry ever since the donut days of Boy Scouts and brings a broad range of successes, humorous (not at the time) debacles, and more.

3:30 PM Saturday, Seminar Tent

Get your kids on the water!

Molly Chipman, Program Director at Beach Camp at Sunset Bay

Description: Why is it important to get our kids outside and in water? Why do children tend to behave better in aquatic and outdoor settings? What are some tips and tools that I can use to get my children out and moving and away from screens? These are all questions that families in America ask themselves daily. During this brief seminar, I will go over the benefits of getting children away from screens and outside! I will also sample several crafts and activities that you and your children can do at home and in your backyards!

Bio: Molly Chipman is brand new to the pacific north west. She has been in the world or outdoor education/recreation for several years now and has worked at summer camps all over the USA including Maryland, Texas and Missouri. She has a degree in elementary education and specializes in students with special needs.

3:00 PM Saturday, Bathhouse

Six Water Trails in Washington

Don Crook and Michael Silence – Washington Water Trails Association (WWTA)

DESCRIPTION:  Washington State is blessed with many water ways from the mighty Columbia and Snake Rivers to regional rivers that cover almost every region of the state.  These rivers form a network of drainage that eventually flows into the waters of the Pacific Ocean and Salish Sea. The Greater Columbia, Northwest Discovery, Lower Columbia, Willapa Bay, Sky to Sound, Lake To Locks, Tapteal, Spokane, Kitsap Peninsula, and Lewis River to Vancouver Lake, along with the Cascadia Marine Trail are the historical “water trails” of our state’s  indigenous natives – and today’s recreational stars.

BIO: Don Crook and Michael Silence are longtime members of Washington Water Trails Association, advocates for Public Access to Washington waters, and “Leave No Trace” promoters.

3:30 PM Saturday, Tibbett’s Beach

UW Concrete Canoe: Yes, it floats! 

Iris Kwong, UW Concrete Canoe

Description: The University of Washington Concrete Canoe team is a student organization, primarily made up of aspiring civil engineers, that design, construct, and race a canoe made out of concrete. They compete against other schools at the Regional and National level each year. The students must use their engineering and teamwork skills to create a concrete canoe that floats and is also fast, strong, and aesthetically pleasing. Come learn about how they do it from some of the members on the team!

Bio: UW Concrete Canoe has been around since 1975. Since then, the team has made immense progress in the design and construction process. Through hard work, excellent team members, and great leadership, the team has grown into a regional powerhouse. The team just qualified for their fifth consecutive National Competition, after placing first at the PNW Regional Conference in April. They are working toward their third consecutive Top 10 finish at Nationals. UW Concrete Canoe will be representing the PNW Region at the National Competition in Colorado in June!

2:30p, 3:30p, 4:30p PM Saturday

On-Water, Flow Motion Boot Camp & Yoga (Tibbett’s Beach)

Christen Singer, Flow Motion Fitness

Boot Camp: Flow Motion Boot Camp is a combination of strength, cardio, muscle endurance, flexibility, core, and functional movement patterns. This class will tone and strengthen your core like never before!

Yoga: Designed to improve flexibility while relieving tensions and renewing energy. Flow Motion Yoga is low impact, making it an ideal way for people with joint pain to improve their strength, flexibility, and range of motion.

Bio: Christen Singer is a certified personal trainer who brings commitment and passion for functional movement to Flow Motion. In 2013, she saddled up to an exciting new endeavor in professional fitness with aquatic and indoor cycling; in 2016, she joined forces with Evolve Paddleboards to help bring Flow Motion programs with FITT Balance in the Pacific Northwest.

4:00 PM Saturday, Bathhouse

The “Amazing Salmon”

Larry Franks, Master Docent for the Friends of the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery


The life cycle of the Pacific salmon, both in nature and at the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery, is lushly illustrated.  The Issaquah Salmon Hatchery raises Chinook and Coho salmon, Rainbow Trout for stocking local lakes and supports the restoration of kokanee, an endangered landlocked relative of the sockeye salmon.  This hatchery in the middle of a major metropolitan area is the most visited in Washington State.  It serves as a major educational venue for school children and the general public.  The many challenges to the continued survival of salmon are countered by a list of activities and approaches we can all take in our lives to preserve this vital resource.


Larry Franks has served as a Master Docent for the Friends of the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery (FISH) since 2010, the FISH Board of Directors since 2013. He has had the opportunity to apply his Fisheries degree from the UW to many opportunities to share and educate about salmon and the watershed. He has spearheaded the FISH Talks, bringing in Fisheries and environmental experts to share with FISH members and elected officials, and conducts a number of educational presentations each year in the greater King County area. Larry also acts as a “fact checker” on several Facebook fish related groups, sharing both his expertise and those of technical contacts in the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.  Larry is driven by the belief that good data and an understanding of the role of salmonids as an indicator species will help people make better decisions about their activities that impact these fabulous fish.

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